SoTW 16: Bob Dylan, ‘Percy’s Song’

A real good thing happened to a real good friend this week. Neal Hendel was appointed to the Supreme Court here in Israel. It’s a little hard for me to digest. I don’t know a lot about the judging business, but I have an awful lot of respect for his judgment about things like morality […]

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SoTW Index

Here’s a complete chronological list of all published SoTWs for your browsing convenience. Please do feel free to sign up for email notifications of new postings. Mint Juleps, ‘Don’t Let Your Heart‘ Buddy Holly, ‘Learning the Game‘ (undubbed) Jerry Garcia & Dave Grisman, ‘So What?‘ The Beach Boys, ‘Kiss Me Baby‘ JS Bach, ‘Toccata in […]

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088: Lizz Wright, ‘Old Man’

Here’s a gift — Lizz Wright’s cover of a typically shallow and affected and annoying Neil Young junker. Her treatment reeks of rural Georgia blues gone west via Memphis to be reborn in an LA studio. It displays a harmonic and hormonic candor that’s charged with enough electricity to frizzle your synapses, guys.

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