283: The Kinks/Lake Street Dive (Rachael Price), ‘Lola’

Q: Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is — do you, Mr Meshel?
A: Them genders can fluidify wherever they want. I’m sticking with Rachael Price. She make my heart go thumpity-thump-thump.

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206: Lake Street Dive (Rachael Price), ‘I Want You Back’

I tripped over this clip several weeks ago and am still floored. It’s the best music I’ve seen seen/heard in a month of Sundays. And vocalist Rachael Price is a wonder of nature.

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273: The Necks, ‘Sex’

Jeff’s Top Ten from the last fortnight–surprises, non-surprises, and Rachael Price going ‘Ooh-ooh–ooh’.

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272: Vilray, ‘Do Friends Fall in Love?’ (with Rachael Price)

In a perfect world, the best girls would go for the most talented guys.
Vilray is a most talented guy. Rachael Price is definitely the best girl.
And here they are, singing together.

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253: Edgar Winter, ‘Rise to Fall’ (Indefensible Mixes)

In which Jeff reveals his deepest guilty-pleasure listening habits.

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SoTW Index

Here’s a complete chronological list of all published SoTWs for your browsing convenience. Please do feel free to sign up for email notifications of new postings. Mint Juleps, ‘Don’t Let Your Heart‘ Buddy Holly, ‘Learning the Game‘ (undubbed) Jerry Garcia & Dave Grisman, ‘So What?‘ The Beach Boys, ‘Kiss Me Baby‘ JS Bach, ‘Toccata in […]

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254: Vince Guaraldi/We Five, ‘Cast Your Fate to the Wind’

Life can be quirky.
So just cast your fate to the wind.
And don’t sit under ledges where pigeons are roosting.

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076: Roy Orbison, ‘Oh, Pretty Woman’

Roy and Claudette were building a home back in Hendersonville, but while he was out on the road, she began an affair with their contractor. Their marriage was on the rocks. One morning in 1964, Roy Orbison was sitting in the kitchen working with his songwriting partner Bill Dees when Claudette came in and said she was going to go into town to buy something. Orbison asked if she needed any money, and Dees cracked, “Pretty woman never needs any money.” By the time she got back from shopping, they had the song.”

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