Jeff was born in the US and lived in Cincinnati until 1970, when he moved to Israel. He’s lived in Beer Sheva forever.

He’s worked as a high school teacher (English, theater), assistant principal of a high school, a playwright and director, and documentation editor for a large hi-tech firm.

He used to read a lot of fiction. Now he’s more interested in good film and television.

He’s been married to Yonit forever, father to Yael and Naphtali, who have very graciously gifted him with three and five grandchildren respectively and respectfully.

Jeff has sung in various contexts over the years, from folk-rock (accompanying himself on guitar), through some classical and madrigal music, musicals, and in recent years as a contrabass in modern a cappella. In 2013 he founded founded the 40-voice a cappella rock choir Vocalocity, which he managed until 2018.

He’s written 20 plays in Hebrew, half for the amateur stage (which he also directed), half for the commercial stage (one of which, “The Third Third” has been running in front of Israeli high-schoolers for 20 years, over 2000 shows and is now in its second production).  He’s written an experimental novel entitled “Jeff Meshel” and is currently hard at work on a romp of a large novel about the re-formation (but not reformation) of an obscure old rock band, entitled “We Are Decapede!”

The one thing Jeff always does is to listen to music. For many years his main interest was rock, but in recent years the focus moved to jazz. And beyond. He listens to music all the time, except for Shabbat. He’s always exploring new artists and styles. He talks about music incessantly and foists music upon innocent bystanders compulsively.

He has been writing about music for over 50 years. Jeez.


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