176: Chuck Berry, ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ (Bob Dylan, ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’)

Who da daddy of rap?
Who da grandaddy?
RIP, Chuck.

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087: Bob Dylan, ‘Black Diamond Bay’

A whole lot of folks have been asking me what I think of Dylan winning the Nobel. I answer that I’m no authority on the Nobel committee’s decision-making process, but that I certainly do thing Dylan’s a monumental artist.
Here’s a less-known Dylan masterpiece, ‘Black Diamond Bay’ from the last of his great albums, ‘Desire’ (1976).
It’s a cinematic tour de force, a dreamed narrative from a movie that you’ve never quite seen, hovering just beyond the horizon of your consciousness. You know every cliché, even the ones you’re aware Dylan is inventing as you watch.

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248: Bob Dylan, ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’

Well, Bobby got The Nobel, and that’s great.
Fifty years ago, he was awarded a very different prize, The Meshel:
“For introducing me to a new direction, a path I chose to adapt and adopt and live by.”

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008: ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’, Fairport Convention (Bob Dylan)

An early, little-known gem of Dylan’s that he never quite figured out how to play. But it was nailed by Fairport Convention.

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SoTW 16: Bob Dylan, ‘Percy’s Song’

A real good thing happened to a real good friend this week. Neal Hendel was appointed to the Supreme Court here in Israel. It’s a little hard for me to digest. I don’t know a lot about the judging business, but I have an awful lot of respect for his judgment about things like morality […]

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