117: Carole King, ‘It Might as Well Rain Until September’

The 1950s didn’t end on December 31st, 1959. Here’s a quiz about 3 very minor hits from 1961-2, a whole bunch of Jews and a few Blacks, and the frustrated egos of several trillionaires.

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234: Carole King, ‘Up On the Roof’ (Live, 1971)

Carole King’s remarkable metamorphosis from teen mom songsmith to Earth Mother poetess.
She composed the soundtrack of our times on her piano, and wrought the template of our times with her life.

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182: The Shirelles, ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’

When seventeen-year old Carole King found herself pregnant, she wrote ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ for The Shirelles. Girls (and now also guys) have been singing it ever since.

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