286: Joni Mitchell, ‘The Circle Game’

My granddaughter Nogah has me wrapped around her finger, and she knows it. So when she asked me to write a Song of The Week for her high school graduation, it was a no-brainer.

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277: Joni Mitchell, ‘Electricity’

Why Joni Mitchell isn’t relevant in a world of Millenial zombies.

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106: Joni Mitchell, ‘Cactus Tree’

Much of the little I understand of the female psyche I’ve learned from Joni Mitchell. I don’t take her to be emblematic of Womanhood. She’s an individual, with a unique vision of the world, but one that is profoundly female. She has thoughts and feelings and desires and disinclinations that seem to me engendered in that other side of the fence, visions and versions that would never cross my testeronic landscape.
‘Cactus Tree’, from her first and very elusive album, is a catalogue of her ex-lovers. She’s new to the city, untethered and unbridled, liberated, exploiting to the fullest the sexual freedom just becoming available to the fairer sex circa the spring of 1968. One thing I’ve learned with Joni Mitchell – the more you focus and dig and concentrate and delve, the more you discover. You always get more than your money’s worth.

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