154: Laura Nyro, ‘Save the Country’

And yet again my city is being bombarded by Hamas missiles, half a dozen since last night. Thanks to the IDF’s Iron Dome for watching over me physically and to Laura for watching over me spiritually.

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271: Laura Nyro, ‘Walk on By’ (Bootleg Collection)

A Rosh HaShana gift – 15 bootleg covers that never appeared on Laura’s official albums.

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233: Laura Nyro, ‘And When I Die’

Why listen to a 16-year old girl explain the meaning of life?
Because she’s Laura Nyro, one of the great neglected artists of our time.
A lesson in the reproductive imperative.

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202: Laura Nyro, ‘The Confession’

In March, 1968, Laura Nyro wrote and sang about the joy of sex—not as a companion, an addendum, a decoration, but as a Woman–breaking the glass ceiling in popular music.

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182: The Shirelles, ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’

When seventeen-year old Carole King found herself pregnant, she wrote ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow’ for The Shirelles. Girls (and now also guys) have been singing it ever since.

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170: Laura Nyro, ‘Luckie’ (“Eli & the 13th Confession”)

50 years ago this week, Laura Nyro’s “Eli & the 13th Confession” was released. The unadulterated passion—pain and ecstasy–the ebullience, the brilliance, the humor, the candor, the funk, the mystic and the mythic of this masterpiece have been an integral part of my inner world ever since. It’s guided me and inspired me and comforted me and intrigued me through so many of the hills and valleys of my entire adult life. Laura, on this yovel (jubilee) birthday, I embrace you and salute you. Thank you for this music.

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270: Laura Nyro, ‘Stoney End’ (Seattle Bootleg, 1971)

What her first album should have sounded like–
The unique, divine Laura Nyro.

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036: Laura Nyro, ‘Sweet Blindness’ (“Eli & the 13th Confession”)

Laura Nyro’s masterpiece, “Eli & the 13th Confession”. She embraces her lover like a god, her God like a lover. It’s a pageant of bright lights and fierce emotions. It’s gospel and doo-wop and a spiritual carpet ride through sex, love, the elation and deflation of relationships, drugs, God, the devil. It’s a trip to the entire gallery of experiences of an eccentric, passionate, spiritual, loving person, and you’ll be a richer person for joining her.

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