237: Wilbert Harrison, ‘Kansas City’

“C’mon, Wilbert, pick up them feet, you shiftless shuffler you! The lady’s a-waiting!”
“Hey, I ain’t sweating or fretting or agitating for no woman.”

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042: Leiber & Stoller, ‘Yakety Yak’ (The Coasters)

SoTW is a non-profit, just-because-I-feel-like-it venture. So I’d like to give a sincerely warm welcome to all the folks who’ve subscribed to SoTW recently and give a wave to all my regular readers. I really am always glad to read your comments. Please do feel free to spread the word. Your readership and occasional input are what fuel this blog.
For y’all newbies–I’ve been writing this blog for about 15 years now, the last 10 in the present format. We’re closing in on 300 postings! You can find an almost up-to-date list of all the Song of The Week postings under the What’s New tab.
And this week’s SoTW–the very definition of ‘Oldie But Goodie’–the happy beginning-, middle- and end- story of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

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