041: Miles Davis, ‘It Never Entered My Mind’

Why did Miles Davis, a belligerent black ex-junkie, choose to reboot his career with white music of a rare, tender sweetness? Who cares?

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035: Miles Davis, ‘Boplicity’ (“Birth of the Cool”)

2’58” of heaven

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055: Miles Davis/Gil Evans, ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’ (“Sketches of Spain”)

In which a jazz recasting of classical favorite trumps the classical original. Gil Evans and a taste of heaven.

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244: Bill Evans/Miles Davis, ‘On Green Dolphin Street’

Moledro — a feeling of resonant connection with an artist.
Some disparate notions about Bill Evans, all of them moledros.

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079: Miles Davis, ‘So What’ (“Kind of Blue”)

THE masterpiece, universally acknowledged . By rockers, by rappers, by jazzists, by aficionados and cognoscenti, by layfolk and by elevator riders. A monolith of lyric beauty and depth.
It is perfect.

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055: Miles Davis/Gil Evans, ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’

Thanks this week to my friend MK, who has so generously and virulently argued with me over the last couple of weeks about the sanctity and inviolability of classical music. She believes in all her heart and soul that it’s legitimate to cover Bruce Springsteen but not Bob Schumann. You know, I pretty much agree […]

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003: Garcia/Grisman, ‘So What’

Chief Deadhead Jerry Garcia and Reb David Grisman merrily plucking their newgrass cover of Miles.

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