157: Nilsson, ‘One’

Nilsson, Part II–the many gems he made in the short time before he embarked on self-destruction.
“I’m sure he influenced the Beatles as much as the Beatles influenced him.”–Al Kooper

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140: Randy Newman, ‘Sail Away’

How would Donald Trump react to Randy Newman’s ‘Sail Away’, in which a slavemaster gives a pep talk to his African charges setting off in chains on a cruise to the Promised Land?

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085: Randy Newman: ‘I Think It’s Going to Rain Today’ (First Album)

Randy Newman’s first album, “Something New Under the Sun”, was originally released in 1968 with a blue cover and sold numerous dozens of copies. It was such a flop that Warner Brothers announced that anyone who bought it could trade it in for a different album from their catalog. A couple of years later, after he developed a small following, they rereleased it with a brown cover. This time it actually sold several hundred copies. The album was out of print for 15 years, when it was rereleased as a CD in 1985 and remains almost unheard of even today.
I’ll tell you what I think of the album. I think it ranks with “John Wesley Harding”, “Rubber Soul”, “Pet Sounds”, “Eli & the 13th Confession”, “The Band” and “Astral Weeks” as one of the greatest works of art to arise from the ‘rock’ idiom.

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