188: Imogen Heap/Vocal Line, ‘Let Go’

In which we discuss Leo Da Vinci, Finnish surf jazz, my futile struggle to keep up with the music world, the great Danish rhythm choir Vocal Line, and their treatment of Imogen Heap’s (Frou Frou’s) Pinteresque ‘Let Go’. Oh yeah, and magic gloves.

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174: Vocal Line, ‘Don’t Give Up’

If you don’t know the music of Vocal Line, the 32-voice Danish rhythm choir led by Jens Johansen, you should. It’s what all art should aspire to – pure, unadulterated beauty.

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Aarhus Vocal Festival, 2013

A subjective glance at the Aarhus Vocal Festival, 2013

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047: Bobby McFerrin, ‘The Garden’ (“VOCAbuLarieS”)

I had the pleasure of seeing Bobby McFerrin in concert last night. I was blown away, as always, by his immeasurable virtuosity; and charmed by his warmth and class. I hardly had time to wonder “Where’s the beef?”

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