146: Hamilton Camp, ‘Pride of Man’

The 20th anniversary of 9/11, Erev Yom Kippur, and a spookily prophetic 1964 song about civilization’s greatest tower laid to waste, brought about by the ‘Pride of Man’.

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050: The Rolling Stones, ‘Gimme Shelter’ (Kent State)

51 years ago, I walked onto my deserted campus and experienced a musical hallucination. That terrible time when American soldiers killed American citizens.

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SoTW 14: The Woodstock Festival/הימים הטובים לפני ואחרי וודסטוק

50 years ago the Woodstock festival took place in upstate New York. I was there. I got wet and muddy and cranky and went back home after one night to listen to some of the same artists on my headphones.

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109: Daniel Zamir, ‘Shir HaShomer’

Why does free jazz/Chabad soprano saxophonist Daniel Zamir draw materials from an old Israeli song glorifying a watchman from the 1930s? Why is today’s Israeli jazz a natural, organic expression of early Zionist settlement? Why is Jeff calling a 21-year old drummer a genius? The answer to these and many more questions in Song of The Week.

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