096: Bill Evans (solo), ‘Easy To Love’

Evans, his pain, and the music: “I have always preferred playing without an audience.”

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080: Tim Ries w. Norah Jones, ‘Wild Horses’

A fetching beauty with a catchy rock song in a first-rate jazz context. What more could one ask for?
Saxophonist Tim Ries toured extensively with The Stones, who sponsored his very fine, very varied Rolling Stones Project.

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079: Miles Davis, ‘So What’ (“Kind of Blue”)

THE masterpiece, universally acknowledged . By rockers, by rappers, by jazzists, by aficionados and cognoscenti, by layfolk and by elevator riders. A monolith of lyric beauty and depth.
It is perfect.

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065: Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most’

A beatnik musical (what??), an obscure jazz standard (oxymoron), and high school nostalgia (snore)–the convoluted paths we take to visit our past.

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294: e.s.t., ‘Dolores in a Shoestand’

Jazz for the 21st Century–the Esbjorn Svensson Trio. So worth the journey.

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124: Bill Evans, ‘Nardis’

Dying from his life-long drug habit, in a harrowing burst of creative energy, Bill Evans raged against ‘the dying of the light’ night after night in these relentless, probing, profound performances.

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060: The Bill Evans Trio, ‘Gloria’s Step’ from “Live at The Village Vanguard”

If I could take just one single piece of music to my desert island, it would be this.

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041: Miles Davis, ‘It Never Entered My Mind’

Why did Miles Davis, a belligerent black ex-junkie, choose to reboot his career with white music of a rare, tender sweetness? Who cares?

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