180: Tim Ries, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ (Flamenco)

Fellas – if you’ve ever taken my advice about anything, watch this clip. If it doesn’t make your blood boil, you’re probably dead.

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172: Anúna, ‘Jerusalem’

Michael McGlynn’s Anúna invents traditional Irish Holy Music, Folk Music,neo-Gregorian Chants, New Age and Riverdance–all a cappella, in costume, in candlelight.

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167: James Blake, ‘Lindisfarne’

James Blake is the boy from the haunted house next door – Bela Lugosi’s visiting nephew. Haunting ain’t the word. He possesses you. Beacon don’t fly too high.

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166: John Martyn, ‘Bless the Weather’

The most brilliant self-destructive Scottish acoustic folk-jazz guitarist-singer you’ve never heard of.
Watch John burn.

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292: My 10 Life-Changing Albums

Ten albums that have shaped my life.

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149: Antony & the Johnsons: ‘Epilepsy is Dancing’

Antony Hegarty, an artist of questionable sexuality but undeniable gravity, flinches at nothing: he explains how the world menstruates, writes lyrics like ‘Cut me in quadrants/Leave me in the corner’, creates the profoundly unsettling video of “Cut the World”. Artists break conventions. Antony is a gentle, tortured, spiritual queer who leaves no convention or preconception unbroken. And nobody’s laughing.

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110: Mongolian Throat Singing (The Occidental Tourist)

In which Jeff brings you a taste of Mongolian throat singing as a flimsy excuse to tell a true story about yak molar dice games and that inimitable Mongolian penchant for practical jokes.

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115: Astor Piazzolla, “Tango: Zero Hour”

Quiz: For which artist do you need to ask the salesman, “Where do I find CDs by this guy, in Jazz, Pop or Classical?” Astor Piazzolla, of course. He reinvented a folk genre as an art form – the Tango Nuevo, a remarkable style of a popular art music demanding the precision of a fugue, the inventiveness of jazz, the passion of matinee singing, the dexterity of Argentinean football, and the heat of a jalapeno.

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