250: Mose Allison, ‘Young Man’s Blues’

They’re dropping like flies — Mose Allison, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, Paul Kantner, teenagers dying of old age.
Talkin’ ‘bout my g-g-g-generation.
Carpe diem?
After my nap.

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248: Bob Dylan, ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’

Well, Bobby got The Nobel, and that’s great.
Fifty years ago, he was awarded a very different prize, The Meshel:
“For introducing me to a new direction, a path I chose to adapt and adopt and live by.”

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246: Tom Waits, ‘Kentucky Avenue’

The things you wonder about at 12. Airborne by wonder, lifted on the wings of imagination, from Lima or from Whittier, all the way to places we couldn’t yet even dream of.

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241: John Sebastian, ‘Welcome Back’

Big week coming up for me. Bigger than winning a million dollars in the lottery. Bigger than flying to the moon. Bigger than anything.

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070: Buddy Holly, ‘That’ll Be the Day’

The (almost full) story of Buddy Holly’s great song and the night The Grateful Dead backed me singing it. Yeah, for real.

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065: Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most’

A beatnik musical (what??), an obscure jazz standard (oxymoron), and high school nostalgia (snore)–the convoluted paths we take to visit our past.

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064: Janis Joplin & Tom Jones, ‘Raise Your Hand’

My memories of Janis–the interview, the kiss, and especially the TV performance where she brought plastic Tom to meltdown.

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049: Chrysalis (J. Spider Barbour), ‘Summer in Your Savage Eyes’

This week’s SoTW is long, even by my shaggy dog standards. What can you do? It’s a long story, spanning 45 years. It spins the strange tale of an obscure artist, his music, J. Spider Barbour and his band Chrysalis. The story as I tell it is full of detours, tangents, and irrelevancies; so don’t expect a “well-made” dramatic storyline here. Only a bizarre chain of events in which real life and fantasy intertwine in their ironic and inextricable way.

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