123: Ray Stevens, ‘Jeremiah Peabody’s (…) Pills’

I ain’t no hyprachondriact, but I was up all night with acrobatic kishkes. So here comes the universal cure: Ray Stevens’ ‘Jeremiah Peabody’s Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolvin’ Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills’.

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117: Carole King, ‘It Might as Well Rain Until September’

The 1950s didn’t end on December 31st, 1959. On AM radio they continued for years. Here’s a quiz about 3 very minor hits from 1961-2, a whole bunch of Jews and a few Blacks, and the frustrated egos of several trillionaires.

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034: Dionne Warwick, ‘Walk On By’ (Burt Bacharach)

To an absurd degree, the best of popular music in the hundred years of its life has been Jewish men writing songs for and producing black women singers. And it don’t get no better than the Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick collaboration on ‘Walk on By’.

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