291: James Taylor, ‘Valentine’s Day’

Happy Valentine’s Day?
Or maybe a domestic massacre?

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148: Andy Williams, ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’

We all have our weaknesses. For some it’s wine, for some it’s cocaine, for some it’s merely nostalgia. Two gifts from Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer, as presented by Andy Williams–‘Moon River’, and especially ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’,

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145: Peter, Paul & Mary, ‘Early Morning Rain’

“Hi, I’m Peter, but I’m no saint.”
“Hi, I’m Paul, and I’m no saint.”
“Hi, I’m Mary, and I’m no virgin.”

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290: Becca Kristovsky, ‘Bye Bye Baby Blues’

We buried Becca yesterday, but she’s still singing. With a glint in her eye. She’s singing those bye bye baby blues.

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140: Randy Newman, ‘Sail Away’

How would Donald Trump react to Randy Newman’s ‘Sail Away’, in which a slavemaster gives a pep talk to his African charges setting off in chains on a cruise to the Promised Land?

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138: Eliane Elias, ‘Baubles, Bangles and Beads’

I can’t think of a single reason why Brazilian/American jazz/bossanova pianist/singer Eliane Elias isn’t a household name – she is a serious musician, outstandingly talented, commercially appealing, and uncommonly pleasing to look at.

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133: Spencer Davis Group (Stevie Winwood), ‘I’m A Man’

The incomparably talented 18-year old Stevie Winwood; the dark, mysterious ‘I’m A Man’. If I had a ringtone, this would be it.

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137: Patience and Prudence, ‘Gonna Get Along Without You Now’

I first learned the song ‘Gonna Get Along Without You Now’ when I was knee-high to a lawn-mower, and I still hum it on occasion. Patience and Prudence McIntyre were 12 and 9 when they recorded it in 1956. Today they’d probably be renamed Sistas Lust and Greed.

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