237: Wilbert Harrison, ‘Kansas City’

“C’mon, Wilbert, pick up them feet, you shiftless shuffler you! The lady’s a-waiting!”
“Hey, I ain’t sweating or fretting or agitating for no woman.”

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235: The Singing Nun, ‘Dominique’ (#1 Hits of 1963)

The #1 hits from 1963, all 21 of them.
You remember The 4 Seasons and Bobby Vinton; but you thought you’d expunged from your memory Dale and Grace, Kyu Sakamoto, and The Singing Nun.
Till now.

Did you know that the What’s New tab shows you a list of the entire SoTW archive?

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063: Pust, ‘En Reell Halling’

Who wouldn’t scoff at a Norwegian a cappella sextet singing a musical battle between their own halling dance and an Irish jig?
You wouldn’t, if you give it a listen.

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072: Stephen Stills, ‘Suite:Judy Blue Eyes’ (“Just Roll Tape”)

Late one night after a recording session in which he accompanied his girlfriend Judy Collins, post-Buffalo Springfield/pre-CSN Stephen Stills gave the engineer a couple of hundred dollars, and said, “Just roll tape”. The resulting recordings, acoustic demos of 13 new Stills songs, lay forgotten for 40 years.

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233: Laura Nyro, ‘And When I Die’

Why listen to a 16-year old girl explain the meaning of life?
Because she’s Laura Nyro, one of the great neglected artists of our time.
A lesson in the reproductive imperative.

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069: Catherine Russell, ‘New Speedway Boogie’

In which the daughter of Louis Armstrong’s musical director, Julliard graduate and studio singer par excellence, sparkles up an old Grateful Dead tune backed by a mandoline, string bass and tambourine.
Jerry would have loved it.

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064: Janis Joplin & Tom Jones, ‘Raise Your Hand’

My memories of Janis–the interview, the kiss, and especially the TV performance where she brought plastic Tom to meltdown.

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232: Sufjan Stevens, ‘Romulus’

I may be befuddled, but I’m paying attention to the winged ones.

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