019: Johnny Dyani, ‘Track #1′ (Shvarim Tru’ah)

An obscure South African free-jazz bassist recreating Ye Olde Ram’s Trumpet on that hard-bop classic, ‘Shvarim Tru’ah’.
It must prove something. But I’m not quite sure what.
G’mar chatima tova.

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041: Miles Davis, ‘It Never Entered My Mind’

Why did Miles Davis, a belligerent black ex-junkie, choose to reboot his career with white music of a rare, tender sweetness? Who cares?

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221: The Drifters (Doc Pomus), ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’

The maelstrom of emotion raging in the narrator – secure in the knowledge that she is now wearing his ring; but yet wheelchair-bound, jealous and vulnerable, watching her dance ‘with another guy’. All in 2’34”.

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220: Cilla Black, ‘Alfie’

Wanna hear a GOOD song?

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035: Miles Davis, ‘Boplicity’ (“Birth of the Cool”)

2’58” of heaven

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219: Woody Guthrie, ‘Red River Valley’

Community singing.
Say what???

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029: Eva Cassidy, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’

Golden-haired, golden-voiced, painfully shy Eva Cassidy died in 1996 at 33 of skin cancer, unknown outside her native D.C.
She found posthumous fame three years later, via a British DJ.
Too kitsch to be true?
Listen to her. Truer words were never sung.
And have your handkerchief ready.

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218: Bo Diddley, ‘Who Do You Love’

The pogroms in Częstochowa, the African-American folk magic tradition of hoodoo, and how my bootlegging prevented my girlfriend from being picked up by a blues legend.

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