231: 10cc, ‘I’m Not in Love’

‘I’m Not in Love’ has been played on American radio over three million times. That adds up to 40 consecutive years of airplay.
Is he really not in love?

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230: The Beach Boys, ‘Here Today’ (“Pet Sounds” Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14)

We can follow the process of recording “Pet Sounds” take-by-take.
But God Only Knows how such beauty is created.

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229: The Beatles: ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ (“Rubber Soul”)

Just picture it – half a million children of the Woodstock generation on half a million little desert islands, each one clutching to his/her breast his own personal, worn, beloved copy of “Rubber Soul”.

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227: Vitamin String Quartet, ‘All Along the Watchtower’

My worst nightmare came true this week–I became my mother, listening to “nice” music.

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226: The Byrds, ‘Eight Miles High’ (RCA Version)

Oh, how they jangled.

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224: Bob Dylan, ‘Motorpsycho Nightmare’

Have you heard the one about the farmer’s daughter and the traveling troubadour?

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221: The Drifters (Doc Pomus), ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’

The maelstrom of emotion – Doc Pomus watches from his wheelchair as his new bride dances with another guy. All in 2’34”.

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220: Cilla Black, ‘Alfie’

Wanna hear a GOOD song?

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