099: Luciana Souza, ‘Baião à Tempo’ (“An Answer to Your Silence”)

I get that not everyone needs to go hacking through impregnable jazz jungles or crawling across atonal minimalist deserts or getting lost in endless Nordic a cappella virgin forests. But believe me, Luciana Souza’s “An Answer to Your Silence” is vocal jazz of singular, innovative genius – groundbreaking, underappreciated, and regretfully unknown. It is THE most interesting CD I’ve heard in the last decade.

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022: Roberta Sá and Chico Buarque, ‘Mambembe’

So many readers enjoyed last week’s post about the chemistry between Vilray (a 5) and Rachael Price (a 17) that I’m sharing again with you my favorite May-December clip.
A man and a woman and the electricity between them.
Ah, Brasil…

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272: Vilray, ‘Do Friends Fall in Love?’ (with Rachael Price)

In a perfect world, the best girls would go for the most talented guys.
Vilray is a most talented guy. Rachael Price is definitely the best girl.
And here they are, singing together.

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267: Boz Scaggs, ‘Lowdown’ (“Fade Into Light”)

It’s been almost 50 years since I’ve listened to Boz Scaggs, and now I can’t stop.
What a singer. What a musician. What a cool guy.
Intelligent entertainment–a rarity.

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261: Kurt Elling/Sting, ‘Practical Arrangement’

Love songs ain’t what they used to be.
Love ain’t what it used to be.
But Kurt Elling still brings it all to life.

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147: Frank Sinatra, ‘It Was a Very Good Year’

It’s early October, the leaves and the pages of the calendar are turning, a time for some sober and somber thoughts about whither we are headed. Here’s a great song about October and life and reflection.

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080: Tim Ries w. Norah Jones, ‘Wild Horses’

Norah Jones’ style really is her own—country jazz, with a twist of blues and an ample dose of pop hooks. Ear candy that doesn’t insult the brain. Not to mention a pair of lips and a pair of eyes and a figure and an attitude that can make a man lose sleep at night. A fetching beauty with a catchy song, what more could one ask for?
Jazz saxophonist Tim Ries toured extensively with The Stones, who sponsored his very fine, very varied Rolling Stones Project.

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065: Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most’

A beatnik musical (what??), an obscure jazz standard (oxymoron), and high school nostalgia (snore)–the convoluted paths we take to visit our past.

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