Omri Mor’s AndalouJazz

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The fabulously talented pianist Omri Mor will appear at Zappa Tel Aviv on October 29 with his AndalouJazz trio. Not to be missed.
Listen to him live at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, 2010

Here’s some more clips from that gig: TuesdayI   TuesdayIIIsinger   wedI   you,night,music intro

Omri Mor

Omri Mor may not yet be a household name, not even among jazz fans in New York or Paris. But he will be. In his native Israel, he’s already a legend among those in the know. He’s been the pianist in the trio of bassist Avishai Cohen (together with brilliant young drummer Amir Bressler) for a year now, globetrotting between festivals and clubs worldwide. A prestigious gig indeed, but his local reputation centers on his own trio project, a vibrant, exciting new style he calls AndalouJazz, Omri’s own creation, in which all three members contribute to a driving, polyrhythmic North African-tinged high-energy synthesis. Read more…

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The New A Cappella

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I’ve just returned from the inspiring The Real Group Festival in Stockholm, four days of workshops, lectures, concerts and hugging, a celebration of a music shared passionately by a small but growing number of adherent fanatics worldwide — The New A Cappella. Many of the participants expressed frustration at the difficulty in explaining just what this genre is. Here’s my attempt to provide an overview. Many thanks to Florian Städtler (the world’s leading NAC activist) and Tobias Hug (former Swingle Singer, premier repository of AC information) for their help in trying to impose order on this nebulous cloud of activity. All distortions, misrepresentations, factual errors, sins of omission and commission (and I’m sure there are many) are mine and mine alone. I welcome your comments and corrections, and hope that this overview will evolve to a higher degree of accuracy and objectivity. –Jeff Meshel

The Real Group Festival

Participants came from Åland (huh?), Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, USA, and Venezuela. There was enough love and energy and excitement on the isle of Skeppsholmen to light all of Stockholm for those four days.

What is this New A Cappella that motivated almost 600 cultists to fly to immerse ourselves in? Read more…

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The Reality of Death and Love

Posted by jeff on Mar 30, 2012 in Writings

For thirty years, my mother, Claire Mitchel, wrote a widely-read weekly column for the Miami Herald on the life style of senior citizens. She didn’t miss a single week. The week my father died,  she said she didn’t feel like writing. I said I felt I had something to say, so I guested, writing this piece for her column.

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Going Up to Jerusalem with Kurt Elling

Posted by jeff on Jun 7, 2011 in Writings

June 5, 2011

The Fantasy

Perhaps a person can be defined by his fantasies. There was a time when my wildest dream would have been Petula Clark asking me to come up to see her etchings. And there was a time when it was Phil Jackson asking me for advice on defensive strategy. And for quite a while (at an age I’ll refrain from admitting) I was seriously hoping to be reincarnated as Buddy Holly.

In recent years, my greatest fantasy would have been to spend the day talking music with my favorite singer in the world, Kurt Elling, while taking him to my favorite spot in the world, the underground tunnel that runs along the western wall of the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. Hey, guess what I did this week? Read more…

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