063: Pust, ‘En Reell Halling’

Who wouldn’t scoff at a Norwegian a cappella sextet singing a musical battle between their own halling dance and an Irish jig?
You wouldn’t, if you give it a listen.

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072: Stephen Stills, ‘Suite:Judy Blue Eyes’ (“Just Roll Tape”)

Late one night after a recording session in which he accompanied his girlfriend Judy Collins, post-Buffalo Springfield/pre-CSN Stephen Stills gave the engineer a couple of hundred dollars, and said, “Just roll tape”. The resulting recordings, acoustic demos of 13 new Stills songs, lay forgotten for 40 years.

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233: Laura Nyro, ‘And When I Die’

Why listen to a 16-year old girl explain the meaning of life?
Because she’s Laura Nyro, one of the great neglected artists of our time.
A lesson in the reproductive imperative.

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069: Catherine Russell, ‘New Speedway Boogie’

In which the daughter of Louis Armstrong’s musical director, Julliard graduate and studio singer par excellence, sparkles up an old Grateful Dead tune backed by a mandoline, string bass and tambourine.
Jerry would have loved it.

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064: Janis Joplin & Tom Jones, ‘Raise Your Hand’

My memories of Janis–the interview, the kiss, and especially the TV performance where she brought plastic Tom to meltdown.

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232: Sufjan Stevens, ‘Romulus’

I may be befuddled, but I’m paying attention to the winged ones.

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231: 10cc, ‘I’m Not in Love’

‘I’m Not in Love’ has been played on American radio over three million times. That adds up to 40 consecutive years of airplay.
Is he really not in love?

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230: The Beach Boys, ‘Here Today’ (“Pet Sounds” Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14)

We can follow the process of recording “Pet Sounds” take-by-take.
But God only knows how such beauty is created.

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