082: Dion DiMucci, ‘Sit Down Old Friend’

At the age of 22, Dion DiMucci had 20 gold records and addictions to alcohol and heroin. He got straight and religion, and has been recording knock-out acoustic blues for decades. Back in 1970 he recorded an obscure singer-songwriter album of redemption that has stayed with me as a tower of strength and a beacon of light.

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084: Dmitri Shostakovich, Prelude & Fugue No 16 in B-flat Minor (Tatiana Nikolaeva)

My personal journey from “Petula Clark sings Robert Johnson” to J.S. Bach to Dmitri Shostakovich.
Searching? Bad Navigation? Simple twist of fate?

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085: Randy Newman: ‘I Think It’s Going to Rain Today’ (First Album)

Randy Newman’s first album, “Something New Under the Sun”, was originally released in 1968 with a blue cover and sold numerous dozens of copies. It was such a flop that Warner Brothers announced that anyone who bought it could trade it in for a different album from their catalog. A couple of years later, after he developed a small following, they rereleased it with a brown cover. This time it actually sold several hundred copies. The album was out of print for 15 years, when it was rereleased as a CD in 1985 and remains almost unheard of even today.
I’ll tell you what I think of the album. I think it ranks with “John Wesley Harding”, “Rubber Soul”, “Pet Sounds”, “Eli & the 13th Confession”, “The Band” and “Astral Weeks” as one of the greatest works of art to arise from the ‘rock’ idiom.

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079: Miles Davis, ‘So What’ (“Kind of Blue”)

THE masterpiece, universally acknowledged . By rockers, by rappers, by jazzists, by aficionados and cognoscenti, by layfolk and by elevator riders. A monolith of lyric beauty and depth.
It is perfect.

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250: Mose Allison, ‘Young Man’s Blues’

They’re dropping like flies — Mose Allison, Leon Russell, Leonard Cohen, Paul Kantner, teenagers dying of old age.
Talkin’ ‘bout my g-g-g-generation.
Carpe diem?
After my nap.

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093: Leon Russell, ‘A Song for You’

RIP, Leon. A song for you up there.
Leon Russell’s first album is one of the most evocative of the late 60s, rock’s Medici Florence. I recently discovered an eye-, ear- and mind-boggling trio of 1971 videos – ‘Delta Lady’, a ‘Honky Tonk Woman’ that pales the original, and The Perfect Love Song, ‘A Song For You’.

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248: Bob Dylan, ‘You Ain’t Going Nowhere’

Well, Bobby got The Nobel, and that’s great.
Fifty years ago, he was awarded a very different prize, The Meshel:
“For introducing me to a new direction, a path I chose to adapt and adopt and live by.”

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The Origins of The Real Group and Modern A Cappella — Interview with Peder Karlsson

An extensive interview with Peder Karlsson about the history of The Real Group and their impact on Modern A Cappella.

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