103: Little Stevie Wonder, ‘Fingertips’

Posted by jeff on Oct 25, 2017 in Rock and Roll, Song Of the week

Have you ever thought about the relative personal-ness of the various wind instruments? It’s a subject that occupies me at various moments of repose. How much harder it is to get a personal tone on, say a brass instrument (trumpet, valve trombone) than it is on a saxophone, for instance? Not that a brass player can’t express his personality on his ax; but it’s a whole lot harder to recognize a trumpeter from just a few notes than it is a saxophonist. A pianist is even harder. A glockenspielist may be even harder than that. A vocalist, obviously is the most individually expressive instrument, but God made that one, so it’s not really a fair competition. Anyway, it seems to me that running a close second to the human voice, and far ahead of the rest of the pack of wind instruments, is the harmonica.

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Nikki Yanofsky

Posted by jeff on Dec 2, 2010 in Song Of the week, Writings

Following below is an article I wrote for the Jerusalem Report, Dec 10, 2010 about the very charming and very talented (and very young) Nikki Yanofsky. Following it are some great pictures by David Rubin. Read more…


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